Anti Anxiety Plan Toronto

Anti-Anxiety Plan in Toronto

Stress and anxiety and their impact on health are often overlooked and unacknowledged. Anxiety can create an imbalance in hormones, weight gain, irregular menstruation and drive infertility. Stress can occur whenever there’s an imbalance in someone’s life-emotionally or physiologically and can have negative effects on the foods we choose to eat, when and how we eat them and ultimately how we metabolize them. Studies have shown that stress can cause chemical reactions in the body that either increase or decrease appetite (the desire to eat).

A single micronutrient deficiency can contribute to any number of disorders of the nervous system, including migraines, neuropathy and even Alzheimer’s. Similarly, a high amount of oxidative stress at the cellular level could predispose a person to certain neurological complications. Several nutrients that facilitate energy production at the cellular level may benefit the treatment of multiple neurological conditions. Since nutrients play vital roles in the pathology of many conditions, a comprehensive assessment of nutritional status and a targeted nutrition plan is key in managing them and is essential to recovery.

Who is the Anti-Anxiety plan for?

  • Those suffering from anxiety and/or depression
  • Those with migraine headaches
  • Those with neuropathic pain
  • Those at risk for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
  • Those suffering from a concussion
  • Those suffering from body image issues
  • Those with an unhealthy relationship with food
  • Those with symptoms of ADHD andautism spectrum

Anxiety Symptoms

  • Body temperature changes
  • Tension in shoulder, neck and jaw
  • Teeth grinding
  • Bloating or distension
  • Hungrier or no appetite when stressed
  • Changes in bowels-constipation or urgent loose stools
  • Changes in heart rate, flutters or tightness in chest
  • Muscle or nerve tremors or spasms
  • Twitching in the eye
  • Shakiness in hands
  • Changes in energy levels
  • Insomnia
  • Mood swings
  • Racing thoughts
  • Difficulty concentrating

How does diet help?

The anti-anxiety mental health plan focuses on fueling the body with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that provide the building blocks for neurotransmitters and signals in the brain that help in managing mood, reducing cravings and resolving anxiety symptoms. It will include removing inflammatory foods, balancing gut microbiome, repairing GI lining, support adrenals and balance neurotransmitters with a food as medicine approach.

What is included in the Anti-Anxiety Plan in Toronto?

  • 10 sessions (45 min initial assessment and 9 follow up sessions-20 min each spread out over 90 days)
  • Nutrition and lifestyle assessment including a stress and anxiety intake questionnaire
  • Individualized menu planner to provide meal choices in amounts based on your macronutrient requirements
  • Support and accountability
  • Blood work and relevant biomarkers testing and/or review
  • Educational tools and resources

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

  • During your initial 45 min assessment, Nadine will review your health goals, lifestyle, previous health or medical interventions, medical history, blood work, medications, supplement use, eating patterns, portion sizes, food preferences and any food intolerances / allergies you may know about, activity / exercise regimen and any restaurants frequented. A scored symptoms questionnaire will be completed to establish a baseline for later improvements. Body measurements can be taken (weight, waist and hip circumference) and more detailed anthropometric testing can be ordered if appropriate.
  • Based on your assessment, Nadine will determine your nutritional needs and provide you with a nutrition plan that outlines the best types of foods, portions, supplements (if needed), food combinations and meal timing to optimize your health.
  • After your assessment, Nadine will provide you with valuable feedback on your diet and lifestyle and review options of practical strategies for improving your eating habits and nutritional status to help you reach your goals. This can include an elimination and reintroduction protocol for finding food triggers to your symptoms. Strategies to meeting nutritional requirements, managing weight and/or changing your body composition; managing hunger, cravings or emotional eating; boosting energy; improving exercise performance and recovery; and managing specific health condition/s will be provided throughout the anti-anxiety mental health plan.

Personalized Menu and Grocery List

  • During your first 4 follow-up sessions (weekly after your assessment), Nadine can help you create a personalized menu and grocery list based on your nutritional needs, food preferences, schedule and lifestyle. Your plan will be structured, easy to follow and will outline options for all meals and snacks.
  • During your remaining follow-up sessions (bi-weekly), Nadine can review your food diary, review symptoms improvements and overall progress and reintroduce foods eliminated one at a time to liberalize your diet and avoid unnecessary restrictions once trigger foods and trigger portions are identified.
  • Nadine will also take your body measurements (if appropriate) and help you overcome challenges. You can learn about ideal meal timing for you, how to read food labels, eat healthy at restaurants, manage food cravings, modify unhealthy behavior, eat mindfully, improve your relationship with food, and remain motivated.
  • By the end of the program, a 2nd scored symptoms questionnaire will be completed to establish improvements in symptoms of anxiety.
  • You will feel empowered with the ability to manage symptoms by implementing lifestyle strategies and by avoiding trigger foods while eating an anti-anxiety, nutrient dense and satisfyingly balanced diet that will support your mental health and well being.

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