Corporate Wellness Toronto

Corporate Wellness

Health Promotion

  • Corporate Wellness Programme and Employee Wellness Sessions, health challenge events, health kiosks.
  • Workshops and Seminars on healthy eating, nutrition and wellness.
  • On-site, interactive group presentations including workshop evaluations.

Workplace Interventions

  • Nutrition screening and assessment as part of employee wellness program.
  • Facilitation and coaching packages to improve lifestyle and/or manage weight.
  • Development of themed lifestyle seminars and educational material for corporate wellness programs in Toronto.

Consulting and Brand / Menu Development Work

  • Content evaluation or development of educational resources.
  • Research on supporting data for health claims.
  • Nutritional expertise on litigation cases.
  • Nutrient analysis/menu development.

Fees vary based on scope of project, required research, requirements for supporting materials, length of presentations etc. To know more about our corporate wellness programs in Toronto or employee wellness sessions, contact us today.

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