Genetic Testing Toronto

Nutrition and Fitness Genetic Testing

Learn how your genes can affect weight management, cardio-metabolic health, nutrient metabolism, food intolerances, eating habits, physical activity and injury risk

The Genetic Test:

DNA is analyzed using a simple saliva sample

70 genetic markers tested related to diet, nutrition and exercise

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What to expect from Genetic Test:

  • Client receives customized report with detailed results
  • 30 minutes review of results with Registered Dietitian
  • RD prioritizes areas of focus based on client needs and lifestyle risks
  • RD integrates other health information (blood work, medical history, lifestyle factors etc.) where available
  • Personalized recommendations based on results for further counseling as needed: Nutrition counseling, weight management, personal training etc.

Genes Impact:

  • How we perceive and desire certain foods
  • Snacking behaviour- likeliness to binge
  • Difficulty feeling full-likeliness to feel satisfied
  • Tendency to eat more than usual in response to a stimulus
  • Drive and food desire-strong reward signals
  • Sugar cravings-likeliness for higher sugar intake
  • How we react to certain foods: Bitter and sweet tastes
  • Caffeine processing-increased risk of high blood pressure and heart attack
  • Lactose processing- increased risk of not meeting calcium requirements
  • Gluten processing- increased risk for gut disorders
  • Alcohol processing-rapid heart beat, dizziness, risk for esophageal cancer
  • Certain genotypes associated with lower blood levels of certain vitamins
  • Reduced nutrient absorption capabilities or faster than normal clearance
  • Impaired conversion of one nutrient to another
  • Enhanced benefit from endurance training
  • Benefit or not from strength training
  • Cardio respiratory fitness- VO2Max
  • Likeliness to gain weight back
  • Insight on patient’s metabolic health forecast
  • Can be used as reinforcement to follow personal goals
  • Motivation to make long-term changes

Ideal candidates are:

  • Interested in managing lifestyle based on individual health risks
  • Clients that want to understand their eating behaviours and find positive ways to manage them
  • Active clients wishing to maximize their performance potential based on aerobic capacity or injury risk
  • Clients that are interested in how their hunger cues and cravings are impacted by their genetic predispositions
  • Clients that are interested in finding out how and what type of exercise has the highest impact on their cholesterol levels, sugars and weight.
  • Clients that want to know if they are at risk for depositing more fat or at risk for regaining weight
  • Clients that want to know how their bodies may absorb nutrients like vitamins, fats, sugars, caffeine, gluten and lactose

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