How to Manage Blood Sugar Levels and Reduce the Risk of Diabetes

Do you frequently experience energy highs and crashes throughout the day?

Maybe you’re extra shaky and irritable if a meal is delayed. Or you keep snacks secretly stashed at your desk, in your car and bag to ward off light-headedness.

These rollercoaster blood sugar surges and dips do more than zap your productivity and mood. The cumulative damage of uncontrolled glucose actually puts you at risk for prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

But with guidance from an expert registered dietitian guiding you, balancing your blood sugar properly suddenly becomes more manageable than you thought possible.

Why Blood Sugar Fluctuations Happen

First, it’s helpful to understand what’s happening inside your body to make levels yo-yo wildly at times:

You Lean Too Heavily on Processed Carbs

Bread, snacks, cereals and more jack glucose quickly then let it crash hard.

You Miss Out On Stabilizing Nutrients

Fiber, protein, healthy fats – keys to steady energy missing from many diet plans.

You Lack Consistency with Meals + Snacks

Irregular eating keeps systems off balance and confused.

You Don’t Hydrate Enough

Dehydration stresses the body, impacting how it manages glucose.

As you can see, knowledge is power when it comes to why your blood sugar may spin out of control. Luckily support is here…

Nadine Khoury RD – Your Diabetes Defender

As a clinical dietitian specializing in blood sugar regulation for over 25 years, Nadine knows precisely how to personalize meal plans for steady, sustained energy without massive glucose peaks and dips.

Her high-touch services create fully customized nutrition strategies to:

Promote Consistent Meal Timing

Structure eating schedules strategically around your day.

Highlight Stabilizing Foods

Teach you how to combine proteins, smart carbs and fats at meals.

Uncover Problematic Ingredients

Pinpoint where hidden sugars may lurk to omit from diet.

Suggest Supports Like Supplements

Recommend additional glucose guards such as cinnamon, berberine or magnesium as needed.

Provide Ongoing Collaboration + Testing

Regular check-ins to review blood sugar logs, adjust approaches as required.

Don’t spend another day feeling out of control when it comes to your blood sugar and diabetes risk. 

Reclaim control now with proven nutrition strategies tailored to your needs!

Get your FREE 10-min consultation with Nadine today.