Weight Management Plan Toronto

Weight Management Plan in Toronto

Are you struggling with managing your weight? Have you had history of yo-yo dieting? Do you have an unhealthy relationship with food? Do you need a weight management plan in Toronto? This plan is for you!

Nadine, Toronto registered dietitian will coach you on how to eat at the right time and in the right amounts to help you reach your goals while following a sustainable plan that work for your preferences and lifestyle.

Learn how to make practical changes in your diet to improve its quality and variety to meet your daily vitamin and mineral needs from food and supplements. You will also learn how to make wise grocery shopping decisions by understanding and interpreting nutrition labels as well as learning how to get the best nutrition from your restaurant or delivery meals.

Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment

  • During your initial 45 min assessment, Nadine will review your health goals, lifestyle, exercise regime, medical history, blood work, medications, supplement use, eating patterns, portion sizes, food preferences and any food intolerances/allergies, activity/exercise regimen and any restaurants frequented. Body measurements can be taken (weight, waist and hip circumference)
  • After your assessment, Nadine will provide you with valuable feedback on your diet and lifestyle and review practical strategies for improving your eating habits and nutritional status to help you reach your peak performance. This can include methods for managing weight and/or changing your body composition; managing hunger, cravings or emotional eating; boosting energy and overall nutritional status; improving exercise performance and recovery; and managing specific health condition/s or food intolerance/s.
  • Based on your assessment, Nadine will determine your hydration and nutritional needs including macronutrient requirements and provide you with a nutrition plan that outlines the best types of foods, portions, supplements (if needed), food combinations and meal timing to optimize your weight management or healthy eating goals.

What is included in our Weight Management Plan in Toronto?

  • 5 Sessions (45 min initial assessment and 4 follow up sessions-20 min each)
  • Nutrition and Lifestyle Assessment including Anthropometric Measurements
  • Personalized Nutrition, Lifestyle and Supplement recommendations
  • Individualized menu planner to provide meal choices in amounts based on your macronutrient requirements
  • Support and Accountability
  • Blood Work and Relevant biomarkers testing and/or review
  • Educational tools and resources

Personalized Menu and Grocery List

  • During your follow-up sessions (weekly or bi-weekly), Nadine can review your food diary, take your body measurements (if appropriate) and help you overcome challenges and set goals. You can learn how to eat before and after exercise, read food labels, eat healthy at restaurants, manage food cravings, modify unhealthy behavior, eat mindfully, improve your relationship with food, and remain motivated.
  • Nadine can also help you create a personalized menu and grocery list based on your nutritional needs, food preferences, schedule and lifestyle. Your plan will be structured, easy to follow and can outline options for all meals and snacks. It can include restaurant and on-the-go options and your favourite treats.
  • Scored symptoms questionnaire to assess improvements before and after digestive health program
  • You will feel empowered with the ability to make appropriate food choices in line with your lifestyle preferences while eating a nutrient dense and satisfyingly balanced diet that will support your weight management and healthy eating goals.

If you’ve got any questions about the Toronto weight management plan or anything else that concerns you, I am happy to answer them.

Weight Management Plan Toronto

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